Why Floor Sanding is Sustainable

Floor sanding restores the natural beauty of wood floor. A very detailed process using sanders and hand renovation techniques is employed to deliver a beautiful floor to your home. There is no other flooring material that has the shine and warmth of a hardwood floor.

Health Sustainability

A primary reason why wood floors are so popular is their immense health benefits. Many people include children have allergies to dust, mites, pet allergens and toxic pollutants. These can all be trapped inside on carpeting and can be difficult to almost impossible to remove. Even when spills or accidents are cleaned, there may be stains left. Worse is that the padding underneath the carpeting remained soiled and acts like a breeding ground for bacteria. Our flood sanding services will not only live your floors and home more visually attractive. Your family will enjoy an improvement in air quality. Animal dander, pollen and mold cannot hide on hardwood floor and are easily and effectively swept up.

Environmental Sustainable

Floor sanding is also considered environmental sustainable. It is the ultimate in recycling in that you are able to reuse a material in your current home and refurbish it for future use. You also save the landfill from the carpeting that you will have to tear and replace repeatedly. In fact, most carpeting lasts
between 5 to 10 years, depending on the quality of the carpeting and the wear and tear. Almost 5 billion pounds of used carpets will end up in landfills. While carpeting can be recycled, the high price makes it cost-prohibitive.

Durability of Wood Floors

On the other hand, wood floors can last for centuries with proper care and maintenance. The sustainability of wood floors can be achieved through floor sanding, staining and varnishing. It is the ultimate flooring for the eco-friendly.

Get references

Before you finalize on the floor sanding company that you want to use you should check their references. Ask them for a list of clients and speak to a few of them to check on how good their services really are. Check on the kind of materials they use, the kind of staff that they send over and their timelines. Choose the company only after you are fully satisfied that they meet all your requirements.