Ways To Do Effective Video Marketing Even On A Tight Budget

We all see how established businesses produce their videos as a part of their video marketing strategy. Those videos can get all fancy, professional in other words, they look super awesome.
Because of that, ePreneurs think that it costs too much to produce such cool videos. But actually you can do it even when you are on a tight budget. You just need to be resourceful, innovative and heed the 5 ideas below.
1.Take Videos using your mobile phones
We do not need high end video cameras to produce such magnificent videos.

For instance, you can use your iPhones to jumpstart your video marketing. It produces some decent high quality videos, plus it has apps to aid you craft videos more easily and it is an internet-ready device.

2. Rent it!
You can do the iPhone video marketing. But apparently, the higher quality you can get your hands on, the better. So try to get the higher quality video resolution by renting better equipment.

Go check out your local photography studios, equipment retailers, or even video schools to see if you will be able to rent their high-end video cameras. You will be able to produce higher quality videos but still stay on your budget.

3.Create videos mixing live camera action with animated presentations

Producing your videos using just live camera action is costly and a bit arduous to create — keeping in mind the cost for using memory cards, battery packs, tripods, and of course, hired actors to appear on your video marketing.

So instead of making full live camera action videos, try to mix it with animated presentations. Use PowerPoint slides, and animation from tools like Prezi, to name a few.

4.Make more videos than initially planned

If you will be pursuing the idea presented in number three Rent it!, try to be a bit more creative that you will be able to create more videos instead of just one.

Why not try and slice an entire video to create a video series? You will significantly cut down your cost of renting the video equipment, as well as save time to produce more videos. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

5.Create Interview videos

Interviewing your customers or some experts on your target niche is a great way to do video marketing. Check out my YouTube channel, for some examples of interview video marketing.

You can always do this on your laptops webcam, or an iPhone applying the ideas presented in numbers one and two. Worrying about the video quality? Dont bother — because a genuine and passionate conversation cuts through the video quality.