Point Of Decision Marketing

Digital Signage is the answer to the on-going Retail question of how best to influence customers during the final stages of their purchase decision.

Reaching consumers in their homes is an increasingly difficult task and advertisers are looking to Digital Signage as a new way to effectively reach potential customers. The power of digital signage comes from the targeting ability, flexibility and cost efficiency. Companies need only compare the cost for a few seconds of television that might reach a small percentage of their customer base far away from the point of purchase, to that of Digital Signage.

Running branded advertising within the retail store itself means you will have a much shorter time line from promotion to purchase. This advertising method has been called Point Of Sale (POS) or Point Of Purchase (POP) . While these are not new methods, using Digital Signage is relatively new and gives the ability to deliver timely content that is dynamic enough to catch the attention of your target market in store.

The ability to update advertising instantly from within the store can help move slow moving stock. Target a particular time and area of your store to promote a particular item or sale. This is the power of POS advertising, made faster and more dynamic by digital signage.

Successful retailers are rethinking advertising thanks to a new in-store approach to messaging. Its called point-of-decision marketing, and you can use it improve the shopping experience of your customers. It can increase how long your customers shop and the size of their purchases. It can even motivate them to decrease the time they take deciding to buy.

Point-of-decision marketing gives you an effective tool to restore declining revenue and improve sales of high-margin transactions. Thus making it capable to Recover your ROI in couple of months leaving you with huge margins.

If digital signage is done well, it is proven to deliver a high return on investment. Advertising is an obvious source of revenue, the effective deployment of digital signage will also have a big influence on consumer buying behavior. Digital signage eliminates the overheads that are associated with traditional print media and studies show that the use of digital displays in retail can increase new product sales by as much as 300%.

One should also be very careful will choosing the digital signage solution and ensure that it one of best and latest solution offered to them. Truknox technologies offer one latest and finest digital signage solution for the retail industry.

Truknox (‘truenox’) Technologies, headquartered in New Delhi, India, is an avant-garde business entity committed to the design, development and support t of quality software. The company developed the Tru-i, which is revolutionary product for digital signage and associated communication systems.

Tru-I is digital signage software designed for the (Windows VISTA) platform. Simultaneously being XP compatible andreadyforWindows7,thus safeguarding your investment for the future. Its highly modular and scalable architecture, combined with an intuitive drag and drop Graphic User Interface, makes Tru-I unmatched in exibility and user-friendliness.