Lund Tonneau Covers – An Affordable Alternative

Lund tonneau covers, also known as Lund truck bed covers, feature the Lund brand of roll-up or hard ABS plastic caps that blanket the cargo area of a truck. Their purpose is to streamline the look of the truck while rendering a camouflaged storage space to the pickup’s truck bed. A plethora of truck cover styles are available locally or online. A great number of Lund tonneau covers constitute hard tops adorned convenient folding panels that grant the user easy entry to the truck’s cargo box.

Certain competing tonneau covers can be raised and held in the air by way of steel or fiberglass staffs, alot like the poles that hold most car and pickup truck hoods raised. Other variations of Lund tonneau covers roll into a stored position. Other competitors’ covers feature hard retractable tops, where slats can slide back and forth allowing truck owners to stow or remove articles from the cargo area. Certain competing rolltop-style tarps are made of materials similar to vinyl and retract into a canister when someone has the need to access the pickup bed.

Lund tonneau covers curtail the pickup trucks drag, which helps increase the pick-ups acceleration. Since Lund truck bed covers close off the truck cargo area, that rush of air can not burst into the cargo area, experiencing minimal renitence at the tailgate of the pickup bed. Prior to this, pickup truck drivers were given

the option of replacing the factory aluminum truck tailgate employing a kind of plastic or rubber cargo net to minimize drag.

While such tailgate alternatives do minimize wind resistance, they do not afford the same level of security for items in the tail gate end of of the truck as does a Lund tonneau cover. A net-like barrier is not as durable as the metal tailgate and it will deteriorate in a shorter time period. Nets also tend to detach, allowing items to be thrown from the truck bed even while the truck is being driven at highway speeds. Tailgate nets also downgrade the appearance of the truck, making it seem in disrepair or shoddy. Lund truck bed covers afford vastly secure storage, whilst affording your pick-up truck a veritable polished appeal.

A few featured Lund tonneau covers include:

Genesis Seal & Peel Tonneau Cover – The name really is indicative of the product. The seal is a tongue in groove closure/attachment system, much like a Glad Zip-Loc bag. The Lund Genesis Seal & Peal seems to open and close with more ease than traditional snap tonneau covers. Installation time is conservatively less than 20

minutes and requires no drilling. As it is with most of this type cover, there is a lifetime warranty for as long as the original owner has the vehicle. One real plus is that the cover requires no tension adjuster. It retains a standardized tautness throughout the various seasons. At less than $250.00, it appears quite the bargain.

Genesis Snap Soft Tonneau Cover – Really not much different from other similar covers, such as Extang’s Black Max. Seemingly same quality black vinyl tarp along with black powder-coated bows and rails, the Snap Soft alleged installation time is “under twenty minutes”. Same clamp-on/no-drill installation. One benefit that