Ganoderma Organo Gold Coffee Network Marketing Getting Started Part Nineteen

You as the sponsor need to create a culture within your own ganoderma organo gold coffee network team to attend all the annual conventions, where practically possible, that have been organized and presented by Organo Gold. Your distributors should be so involved and serious about growing their network that they should schedule the attendance of the Organo Gold Company’s conventions around their annual vacations making sure that their vacations do not interfere with the annual conventions. The distributor’s spouses will also be able to attend the conventions if they are part of a vacation which is then a great positive motivator for spouses to realize exactly what is going on in the Organo Gold Company and why their life partners are working their business so feverishly.

The next thing that you as the sponsor want to do at the getting started meeting with your new distributor is to go through the Organo Gold Company procedures with them. What is meant by that? Your distributor needs to know exactly how to order products and what the exact correct administrative procedures are to order products. Also, how are they to transfer volume? How do they fill out an application form? All of the simple administrative functions need to be learnt by the distributor so that they know how to do them correctly in order for them to grow their business. Go through the distributor kit with your new distributor and examine the different sections in detail so that when a problem comes up with any specific procedural administrative way of doing things, everybody in your network knows what to do.

As an example, they need to know where to go to get the answer to their procedural and usually administrative question. It used to be the other way around at one stage. What it used to be is ‘I as the sponsor like and want to be the hero all the time and who solved all the problems for everybody in my network’. As an example, a distributor in your ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business, irrespective of the level they are or have been placed in your organization, calls you up and states that they didn’t get a certain product in their order and then you, on your distributor’s behalf, do all the work in finding out why and solving the problem for your distributor because you have taken care of it yourself. What are you actually doing and accomplishing here as a sponsor of your distributors? You are creating co-dependence which is definitely what you do not want as it is something that will suck you dry of all your time that you should be spending building your business. You cannot spend all your time sorting all your distributors’ problems out. They need to lean to do it themselves and this is what you teach them to do during your Getting Started meeting with your new distributor within the first two weeks of them joining your Organo Gold network.

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