Event Management and Crowd Control

Event management is a growing niche as functions that attract significant numbers of people are becoming more and more common. Such big events might include concerts, festivals and sporting events, amongst others. All such occasions have to be properly supervised for the safety and security of both the performers and the spectators. Failing to manage and control a large crowd has the potential for catastrophe therefore it’s critical that measures are taken to ensure the safety of all that are present. The distinction between a safe, enjoyable and triumphant event and a complete catastrophe can be driven by the actions employed in crowd control .

Firstly, the safety and security of performers needs to be ensured via crowd control. The threat to the performers isn’t necessarily from people who have malevolent intention, although precautions ought to be taken against this too. Often the greatest threat to entertainers hails from over-enthusiastic spectators within the crowd. These can cause a surge in the crowd that may encroach on the performance space and present a threat to those involved. The use of barricades manned by experienced event security staff can reduce this threat and create a buffer zone between the performers and the spectators. The buffer zone is especially useful at allowing the security staff to observe any visitors that are penetrating the performance area and to carry out any required action.

Additionally, crowd control must be utilised to ensure the safety and security of all of the spectators attending the big event. The risk of disaster is pretty high when a large number of people are confined to a limited area. If this is perhaps coupled with alcohol and high spirits every safety measure needs to be taken to ensure public safety. Appropriate crowd control can help reduce the threat of crowd surges, stampedes or panic; all of which offer great risks if and when they materialise. The effective use of barricades and fences in addition to experienced event security staff can make sure that crowds are correctly divided and managed.

Last but not least, crowd control may be employed to effectively manage the number of people permitted to enter a big event at any one time. Frequently at these types of events tickets will have to be checked and some form of security might be in place to limit members of the public entering with restricted materials. When this occurs, crowd control can make sure all ticket inspections are accomplished swiftly and orderly. If too many people try and enter an area at the same time, the safety and security of the event could be jeopardised. Hence, crowd control may be utilised to restrict the number of people that can enter the event at a single time.

Crowd control is vital for the well being of both entertainers and spectators at any big event, in particular concerts and sporting events. It can also be implemented to limit the flow of people entering an area at one time. The distinction between triumph and catastrophe can be decided via the proper use of barricades, fencing and security staff.

This article was written by R. Deans on behalf of Lawrence Metal Products, experts in crowd control solutions. For more info on crowd control please visit LawrenceMetal.com