Crmo Frame, Steel Bike Frame And Steel Lug Frame Supplier Things To Look For

Before buying a bicycle frame, you should think about what type of riding you plan to do and your physical statistics. By considering these factors when choosing a steel bike, you can ensure that its frame has a long life. If you are into mountain biking, then you should go for a mountain bike frame which also works for off-road riding. For road biking, a lighter and slimmer steel bike frame will do while a hybrid bicycle frame falls in between these two. Get the right size of frame. For a road bike, measure the length of your leg and subtract 9 from that. For a mountain bike frame, subtract 12. Depending on whether you are interested in racing or riding for the fun of it, select the frame since racing bike frames have different geometry which is less comfortable.

If you are into selling bicycles, then you should bear some points in mind when selecting the supplier, especially the manufacturer of the steel bike frame. A bike is basically composed of the frame. When you are selecting the frame, you should look for the five aspects of frame construction. Material density and stiffness of the material used in the bike frame will decide the heaviness of the bike and its comfort during the ride. The yield strength and elongation of the frame will decide how well it responds to a crash. The fatigue and endurance limits of the frame will decide how much wear and tear the frame can take before it breaks down.

We will see the three types of bike frame materials. The first is the steel frame bicycle. Steel is a heavy material and not too stiff. This makes for a smoother ride. It is not easily deformed. A steel bike frame is rigid and durable and light in weight. It has infinite fatigue and endurance limits. The Crmo frame is made from steel alloy. It is composed of steel, chromium and molybdenum. Cr-mo frame has greater strength than steel bike frame. The steel lug frame is made up of steel tubing and lugs which form the sockets. The lugs are the preferred way of assembling the steel frame bicycle. The lugs help by increasing the strength of the joint.

Taiwans OEM/ODM manufacturers are especially strict on the examination of the steel bike frame. Hence, ensure that the steel bike frame manufacturer has proof that the frame has passed the tests. Every frame needs to qualify the internationally applicable ISO 4210 standard. The first test is the fatigue test which gives quality assurance that the frame can withstand load. The first is the load caused due to powerful long distance cycling. The second is the load exerted by heavy riders onto the frame. The third is the load that is exerted by jumps, obstacles and braking on the frame.

The second test for the steel bike frame is the maximum load test which states that the frame should not fracture when the bike is loaded with the maximum weight that it states it can take. In fact the third test is the overload test which states that the frame should have some residual load bearing capacity. The last test is the rigidity test which helps to reveal if there is any internal damage in the frame that is not visible on the surface.

All the above mentioned criteria are qualitative ones. The other criteria you should look for when selecting an ODM_OEM manufacturer and exporter are: prices, after sales maintenance, reputation of the supplier, and the variety of frame materials you can choose from.