Cool Types Of Chandeliers

Have you ever wanted to purchase a beautiful chandelier for your room or house, but did not know which the right one to buy was? Well if this is the case for you then this article is for you.The four types of chandeliers that we will be talking about today are glass chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, antler chandeliers and alabaster chandeliers.

Glass chandeliers are the first type of chandelier that we are going to be discussing today. These glass fixtures are usually more times than not just cheap knock offs of the real crystal chandeliers. The reason that these are so popular is because they give the illusion of being high end but having a mid class price. There is an exception to this rule however and it is Murano chandeliers. These are world famous glass hand blown chandeliers that are very expensive.

Crystal chandeliers are our next topic in today’s discussion. Crystal chandeliers have been around 1600’s and have therefore brought with them a very rich heritage that cannot be matched by any other chandelier. This is especially true for Waterford crystal chandeliers, which have been around since 1783. One of the reasons that crystal chandeliers are so prestigious is because they have always been bought for the most part by the upper echelons of high society.

Antler chandeliers are our next subject in today’s discussion. Antler is a relatively new material that is being used in chandelier and light fixture construction. There are many different types of antlers that are being used. Some examples of the most popular ones are mule deer, white tail deer, elk, moose, and big horn ram. These types of chandeliers are more than likely going to be found in rustic style cabins and western influenced hunting lodges and mountain homes.

Alabaster chandelier shades is our next topic in the subject of styles of chandeliers. Alabaster is either compact fine textured gypsum or a translucent calcite that is used worldwide for making carving of animals and statues and of course chandeliers and chandelier shades. The reason that alabaster got its own category is because alabaster has a unique way of lighting up a room that no other light fixture can do.

Hopefully after reading this article you will have a little bit more insight about which type of chandelier that you want for your home. No matter which one you buy just remember to make sure that you are buying it for your enjoyment not the rest of the worlds.