Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series of three function sets

Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series switches Cisco 3560X Cisco 3560X support Cisco borderless network experience Cisco borderless network architecture provides new work space experience, let the user safe, reliable, transparent from anywhere, using any device, any person connected to any resource. Cisco borderless network architecture can be deal with major IT and business challenges, it makes the interaction with employees and customers more closely, thereby creating a borderless experience true. Only the use of specifically designed to meet the global workspace requires intelligent network element of design, can make no boundary experience a dream come true. Cisco Network Access is the main component of the architecture, supports a variety of borderless network services, such as mobility, security, MediaNet, EnergyWise and easy operation etc., so as to improve the production efficiency and operating efficiency. Network access once intelligent, it will know the identity of the user, where the user is located network. It knows what kind of device is connected to the network, thereby automatically allocate network, to ensure that the QoS and delivery. It also has the service awareness, so as to optimize the user experience. Only through the intelligent network access, security, enterprise can transparently realize network without borders. Enterprises can save energy, simplify the operation, improve business efficiency, and optimize the total cost of ownership. Sustainability Cisco Catalyst switching solutions through measuring power efficiency, integrated service and continuous innovation (such as Cisco EnergyWise, through a custom policy monitoring and save the enterprise energy solutions), so as to achieve more practical application of environmental protection. Cisco EnergyWise technology and Cisco Catalyst switch combination, reduce greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions, energy cost savings and improved business continuity. EnergyWise technology, is an added to the fixed configuration switches in the architecture of innovation, and promote the sustainable development of the whole company and reduce the energy consumption of the entire firm through infrastructure. At the same time, the combination of the two will also affect the global greenhouse gas above the world infrastructure construction emissions of 50%, far higher than 2% of the greenhouse gases generated by the IT industry. Cisco EnergyWise enables power consumption measurement network infrastructure and network attached devices, and through specific strategies to manage power consumption, thereby reducing power consumption, save the cost, at the same time, the potential impact of all electrical equipment. The operation of the switch is efficient, Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series switches can be run in the best energy-saving, low power state, in order to achieve industry-leading power management and power capacity. The port has a power saving mode, no port can enter a low power state. In addition, StackPower allows customers to add an extra power in any switch stack, can provide redundant power for any member in the stack, or add more power in the shared pool. Intelligent Ethernet power management, Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series PoE models support Cisco IP phone and Cisco Aironet WLAN AP (each port can provide up to 30W of power) and any compatible with the IEEE 802.3af terminal equipment. Easy to operate Cisco Catalyst intelligent operation, is a set of functions, can be used to simplify the LAN deployment, configuration and troubleshooting. In addition to adaptive, never continuous technology (such as StackWise and StackPower), Cisco Catalyst intelligent operation support zero contact switch fast installation and replacement, upgrade, and simplify the troubleshooting, and reduce the operation cost. Easy to deploy and control function, EEM is a powerful and flexible features, support real-time event detection and onboard automated. The use of EEM, the user can according to their business needs, adjust the network device acts; while the IP service level agreement (SLA) allows customers to ensure the application of key new IP business, and the use of IP network data, audio and video IP service. In addition, the intelligent multicast using Cisco StackWise Plus technology allows the C3750-X series by each data packet only put back again, can provide multicast data more streams (such as video) to provide efficiency and support better; at the same time, the network time protocol (NTP) to provide accurate, consistent time stamp for all Intranet switch……. Network management tools advanced, intelligent, Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series switches provide excellent CLI to carry on the detailed configuration, and Cisco network assistant software according to the preset template rapid configuration. In addition, they also support Cisco Works LAN Management Solution (LMS) function, can carry on the network range management. No border security Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series switches provide second threat defense function is outstanding, can reduce human interception attack (such as MAC, IP and ARP spoofing). TrustSec is the main element without border security architecture, can help the enterprise to the customer through the integrity and confidentiality of the strategy of access control, identity and role perception based on extensive network, to protect the network, data and resources safety. Threat defense, can actively protect the network infrastructure is important. Cisco integrated security features provide a powerful, easy-to-use tool, which can effectively prevent the most common and may have second layers of security threats destructive, so as to provide security and robust across a network. Cisco integrated safety features include port security, DHCP listens, dynamic ARP detection and IP source protection. Cisco TrustSec, protection of network access, the implementation of security policy, and provides the solving scheme based on the standard of security (such as 802.1X), so as to realize the coordination and security policy compliance. WS-C3560X-24T-L WS-C3560X-24T-L